The Dutton family tree is a fictional family which is featured in the television shows “Yellowstone,” “1883,” and “1923.” Here’s a complete alphabetical list of Dutton family members from the three shows:

John Dutton – patriarch of the Dutton family and the owner of the Yellowstone Ranch

Evelyn Dutton – John’s wife who died prior to the events of the show.

Lee Dutton – John’s eldest son, who is killed in the opening season of “Yellowstone”

Beth Dutton – John’s daughter who oversees the business side of the ranch

Jamie Dutton – John’s son who is a lawyer. He is also his father’s attorney. Montana state attorney general

Kayce Dutton – John’s youngest son, who was an ex-Navy SEAL. Kayce is employed on the ranch

Tate Dutton – Kayce’s son and John’s grandson

Cater Dutton – John’s great-great-grandfather and the founder of the Yellowstone Ranch in the 1800s

James Dutton – Carter’s son and father of John Dutton

Margaret Dutton – John’s mother.

Phyllis Dutton – John’s sister who is featured in “1883”

Ben Cook – A Dutton family friend, who is an older brother to John.

Angela Blue Thunder – Tate’s biological mother, who is a Native American.

Angela’s father, Tate’s father, and Tate’s great-grandfather– Who was Chief from his Native American tribe in the region.

Please be aware that there could be additional relatives or even characters to the Dutton family tree on the shows I could have not noticed.

What is the 7th Generation Dutton?

In the Dutton family tree, 7th-generation Dutton is since there’s been no explicit mention of a 7th-generation Dutton on the “Yellowstone” series or any of its spinoffs, “1883” and “1923?”

However, it’s worth noting that John Dutton is a 6th generation rancher in the Dutton family, and his great-great-grandfather, John Dutton I, founded the Yellowstone Ranch in the 1800s. If we suppose the fact that every generation Dutton corresponds to around 25 years the 7th generation Dutton is someone who is a direct descendant of John Dutton I and was born in 2025 or later.

This is also pure speculation since there isn’t any proof or evidence of a seventh Generation Dutton to be found in the “Yellowstone” universe. For further detail please visit

Is Yellowstone actually based on the real Dutton family tree?

The “Yellowstone” TV series is fictional and is not based on the actual Dutton family. The creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan, has admitted during interviews that he took on his own experiences growing up as a child on an estate in Texas and his observations of the tensions among ranchers as well as developers in Montana.

Although there could be real-life families that bear the surname Dutton. It is not possible that this show was based on a particular real Dutton family and the Dutton family tree. The characters and plotlines of “Yellowstone” are purely fictional. So, they could be based on real-world issues and disputes relating to the land use process and politics as well as family interactions.

Who was John Dutton Jr’s dad?

But, John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family featured in the show has 4 children: Lee, Beth, Jamie, and Kayce. Lee, Beth, and Jamie are John’s biological kids, and Kayce is taken in from John as well as his spouse following their rescue of him from a violent family squabble.

Therefore, to answer your question in a direct manner, John Dutton Jr. is not a person from the “Yellowstone” universe.

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