Easy drawings

Certainly! Here are some easy drawings you can play with:

A flower: A flower is drawn as a circle in the center, and then adds petals around the circle. You can draw the petals circular or pointed, depending on the kind of flower drawing you’d like to draw.

A cat: Drawing an oval to represent the head.  Add two triangles to make ears. Draw two circles to form the eyes, and then add whiskers and pupils. Complete by drawing a simple tail and body.

A tree: Drawing a straight line to represent the trunk, and then include branches using smaller lines. Create leaves by sketching small connected circles or ovals.

A house: A house is a rectangle drawn for the central portion of the house and then adds a triangle to the top part of your roof. Include windows and a door and create a chimney if you’d like.

Sun: Draws a large circle, and then includes rays that extend outwards. It is also possible to include a face in the sun if you’d like.

Remember that practice is the best way to improve, so keep drawing and enjoy it!

Easy drawings ideas:

Here are a few more simple and Easy drawing ideas to draw that you can explore:

  • Butterfly: draw two big wings with a curving line that connects them in the center. Include a small oval for the head and two antennae.
  • A cupcake: Create a small rectangular shape to serve as the base. Then draw a curving line over it to make the frosting. Sprinkle sprinkles or other ornaments on the top!
  • Birds: Create a tiny circle to represent the head and a bigger circle that covers the body. Include wings, beaks, and tail feathers.
  • The sunflower: It is drawn as a big circle in the middle and adds some petals around the circle. You can add a stem as well as leaves on the lower part of the.
  • A fish: Draw a long, thin rectangular oval to represent the body and then add a triangle to the tail. Include fins, mouth, and a few scales.

Metanipa tech you easy drawings and make them easy for you. Keep in mind that these are only ideas – you are at liberty to think of your own ideas and experiment with some of your own concepts!

Easy sketching using a pencil:

Here are some pencils Easy drawings concepts for you to explore:

  • A tree is drawn by drawing straight lines to the trunk, then adding branches by line drawing smaller lines. Include leaf shapes by drawing tiny connected circles or ovals.
  • The rose is drawn by drawing a tiny circle in the middle of the flower, then placing petals around the circle. Shades can add an extra dimension and depth to your petals.
  • A Cup draws a curving line to its top and a uniform one to the handle. Include shading to create a 3D appearance.
  • Butterflies draw two big wings, with a curving line that connects them in the center. Include a small oval for the head and two antennae.
  • A house draws a rectangle to represent the principal portion of the home, and then add a triangle on to the top part of your roof. Include windows and a door, and you could even create a chimney should you wish.

Remember that easy drawing with pencils allows for shading and texture therefore try using it to your advantage in your drawings!


Drawing can be a relaxing and exciting method to express yourself and develop your artistic abilities. There are a variety of easy drawings you could experiment with regardless of whether you’re a novice or a professional. It is possible to use pencils, pens, or whatever other tools you prefer to use for your drawings. The most important thing is to have the time of your life and let your mind go free. Do not fret when your drawings don’t come out exactly the first time Practice makes perfect! With patience and perseverance, you will improve your abilities and create stunning artwork.

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