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Custom Content in Sims 4 (CC) refers to user-created changes or additions made directly into the game that allows players to tailor and personalize the gameplay experience by customizing clothing, hairstyles, and furniture objects makeup. Here is how Sims 4 CC works:

Find Sims 4 CC Websites:

There are various websites where you can browse and download Sims 4 CC, such as The Sims Resource, ModTheSims, or even Tumblr blogs dedicated to Sims 4 CC.

Download Content Add-Ons (CCs):

Once you find something you like, download its files directly onto your computer – most CC files come in package or sims3pack formats.

Organization of Sims 4 Content Creation Content:

For easy management and location of files, create a dedicated folder on your computer dedicated to Sims 4 Creative Content (CC). Doing this makes managing and finding files simpler.

Enable Mods:         

By default, The Sims 4 CC does not permit custom content and mods (CC/mods). In order to use them, enable their feature by accessing “Game Options” > “Other” > “Enable Custom Content and Mods,” followed by restarting your game after making these adjustments.

Install CC:

Copy the downloaded CC files into The Sims 4’s Mods folder; this may vary depending on your operating system; in order to install.


 Documents > Electronic Arts > the Sims 4 > Mods

For MacOS users:

 Users > [Username] > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 >> Mods If there isn’t already one created for you, create it yourself by going into “Folders > Mods.”


If you want your content curated properly, creating subfolders within the Mods folder can help keep everything neatly in its place. For instance, clothing folders could have separate ones from furniture ones or hairstyle ones, etc.

Be Sure Your Game Is Compatible:

Some CC may require specific expansion packs or game versions; before downloading any content creator, check its description or documentation for compatibility requirements.

Enabling Custom Content and Mods in the Sims 4:

To enable custom content and mods in The Sims 4, launch it, navigate to Options, Other, “Enable Custom Content and Mods,” check it, then restart your game after making any necessary adjustments.

Once in-game, using custom content (CC) items is easy. Use Create a Sim (CAS) mode or build mode depending on which CC item type you prefer – clothing options, hairstyles, furniture pieces or objects added by custom content are just some examples. Be mindful when downloading from untrustworthy sources in order to prevent any potential issues with your game.

What Is Mod and Custom Content Sims 4 CC?

 In The Sims 4, “mods” (modifications) and CC (“Custom Content”) can often be used interchangeably; however, each has distinct meanings.

Mods (modifications):

Mods are user-created additions or modifications made directly to a game’s core files by modders; these modifications can significantly change gameplay mechanics, add features not present previously and modify existing features; they also affect various aspects of Sim behavior including interactions, traits, and careers among many other aspects. These additions or alterations come either as package files or script mods and should typically come as updates rather than packages/script mods.

Custom Content (Sim 4 CC):

User-created custom content adds new items, visuals, or designs into the game that allows for aesthetic customization; including clothing items, hairstyles, makeup applications, hairpieces, accessories furniture, or objects. Custom content files typically exist as either an a.package file or a sims3pack format file extension.

As both mods and CC are created by players to enhance the gameplay experience, mods typically have greater effects on game mechanics and functionality, whereas CC tends to focus more on visual customization or adding objects or items into the game. Though often perceived separately from one another, sometimes this distinction between mods and CC can become blurry as some mods may include customization as part of their functionality.

Note that both mods and CC can have compatibility requirements; therefore it is critical that before installing any mod or CC you read its creator’s instructions carefully to make sure it works with both your game version and any additional mods or CC you may already possess.

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