Doodle Cricket is a popular cricket game on the web that was created by Google in the year 2017. It’s a game that’s simple and can be played using any device running an internet browser, which includes tablets, mobile phones, and even computers. The game was created using Google’s Doodle format. It transforms the logo of the company into an interactive game or animation to mark important occasions or milestones. Cricket was first introduced at the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017 and quickly gained popularity with cricket enthusiasts across the world.


Some features of Cricket Doodle Google are given below:

Cricket Doodle has several features that make it a lot of fun, simple but fun cricket game on the web developed by Google. Its features include:

Simple Gameplay: The play that is played by Doodle is simple and simple to comprehend. The player simply needs to hit the bat in order to hit the ball whenever it is being thrown at them.

Multilingual: It is available in several languages, which makes it affluent for everyone around the globe.

Team and Country Selectable: Participants may select different nations and teams for, such as India, England, Australia, South Africa, and others.

Growing Difficulty: A player’s score grows as the game gets more difficult, and the ball speeds up and more uncertain.

Scoreboard: Each game comes with a scoreboard that shows players’ scores and how many balls are thrown at them.

The game is web-based. Cricket Doodle is a web-based game. This means you can play it on every device that has an internet browser, such as tablets, mobile phones as well as computers.

Can you bowl in Doodle Cricket?

If you go to the Google website, you will notice that the letter ‘G is seen in a chef’s hat and the word ‘e’ is observed bowling. You can play cricket with the image of the cricket insect. The opposition team is comprised of snails. To take part in your part in the Google Doodle cricket match, visit Google’s homepage. With the doodle, cricket gets more enjoyment with Spongebob meme.

How to play on Doodle Google app 2023?

The game of Doodle is easy and simple. Below are some steps you need to follow to take to play:

If you are able to score more runs the game will become increasingly tougher as the ball gets more rapid and unpredictable. Play until you’re dismissed.


In the end, Doodle Cricket is an enjoyable and entertaining cricket game on the web developed by Google. It provides a simple but enjoyable playing experience that allows players to experience the sport in a unique manner. The game comes in multiple languages. Metanipa suggests you variety of countries, and teams, with increasing difficulty level audio effects, as well as an interactive scoreboard. It is available on all devices that have a browser. Doodle play cricket is a fantastic option to pass the time with your partner or with your friends. It’s simple to play and the simplicity of it allows it to be played by anyone regardless of degree of proficiency in the field of cricket. In the end, Doodle Cricket is an amusing sport that’s brought enjoyment to fans of cricket all over the world since its introduction in the year 2017.

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